Infrastructure facilities at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre

Infrastructure facilities at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre

12 Mar 2022

Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre

The MBBS curriculum at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is delivered by combining modern world technologies along with the traditional practices. The MBBS students are trained holistically and developed to become professional nurses and achieve success in their nursing career.

The lab facilities at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre are excellent and are equipped with cutting edge modern technologies for the benefit of students. The MBBS students are exposed to a simulated environment where they will have real-time experience in treating the patients. The labs consist of dummy models of patients on which the nurses will be performing the necessary treatments and care.

High-Tech Labs

The Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is equipped with high-tech labs with advanced and cutting-edge technologies. The students are trained in a simulated platform where they get real-time exposure to patient treatment. 

The labs have mock rooms that imitate the ICUs, CCUs in real-world hospitals. The nurses can perform real-time treatment in these labs. The labs are equipped with dummy models of patients so that the nursing students can get hands-on experience by providing the treatments.

Smart Classrooms

The Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre consists of smart classrooms and are fitted with Overhead Projectors (OHPs). The MBBS students will be learning different subject modules with audio-visual exposure. The audio-visual aids come handy for explaining the complex topics that involve 3D models of different organs of the human body. 

The air-conditioned classrooms are fully furnished and constructed according to the requirements of the Medical Council of India (MCI). The classrooms are acoustically built with independent AV aids for better sound perception.

Auditorium Hall

The auditorium is fitted with Overhead projectors (OHPs) and huge LED Walls.

The Auditorium hall is fully furnished and acoustically built with modern AV technologies. The auditorium is fitted with the best-in-class sound systems with noise cancellation functionality.  The vast and single-level auditorium hall is air-conditioned and has the seating capacity to accommodate 2000+ people at once. 

Seminar Halls

The seminar halls are fully equipped with all the latest Audio-Visual amenities. Regular seminars are conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on different topics. Excellent seating arrangements are made in seminar halls for both students and SMEs. The air-conditioned halls help the students to have comfortable seminar sessions.

Central Library

The Akash Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre has a full-fledged library with more than 25,000 international volumes of journals. The students will also get free access to various international online journals. The students have 24/7 access to the library. The students also have free access to the digital library for gathering information about nursing from all parts of the world.

The Institute library has subscribed to different national and international journals and research magazines about nursing across the globe. The students are given free access to all these subscriptions.

Sports & Recreation  

The Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre campus is filled with sports and recreation amenities. The campus has both indoor and outdoor games. The outdoor sports amenities available in the campus are Football Ground, Cricket pitch, Athletics track and Walking/Jogging tracks, etc. The indoor sports amenities available at the campus are Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Snooker, Billiards, etc.  

Separate Gym facilities for both boys and girls. Both the Gyms are maintained by professional gym trainers. The gyms are equipped with the latest exercising equipment like Treadmills, Cycling, Mini-Gym, Cardio, Weight lifting equipment, etc. The campus also houses professional trainers for Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga and many other activities. The campus also has game rooms for recreation to both students and employees. 

Hostel Facility

There are separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The hostel rooms are fully-furnished with unlimited Wi-fi connectivity. The students can opt for single, double and triple sharing rooms. 

The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with cots, study tables and wardrobes for a conformable stay of the students. The hostel lobbies are fitted with television sets with dish connectivity. 

The hostel food is cooked in 5-star rated hygienic kitchens of the campus. The students have the option to choose from both veg and non-veg meal options. Strict guidelines for anti-ragging are in place and disciplinary action is taken against the students breaking the rules and regulations. 

The Akash Institute Campus has a separate hostel for NRIs and International students. The hostels are well built and maintained by a dedicated housekeeping team. All the hostel buildings are fitted with solar heaters that provide 24/7 hot water supply for all the students.

In-House Hospital and Medical facilities

The Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has an in-house hospital and medical facilities. The hospital is fully-equipped with modern technologies and houses expert doctors to provide timely and cutting-edge medical treatments. 

The hospital has both male doctors and female doctors.  Both of them are present round the clock. In case of emergency, the duty doctors provide the required medical treatments. The pharmacy at the hospital functions 24/7 throughout the year for the benefit of the patients in the hospitals.

Transport Services and Parking Area

The campus has ample parking space for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. The Akash Institute has a fleet of Institute buses for transportation services. All the buses are air-conditioned and provide comfortable travelling for both students and employees. The campus also has a fleet of electric buggies for transportation within the campus and has dedicated parking stations.

Student Counselling Centre

The campus also has in-house student counsellors and suicide support centres for the benefit of the students.  The professional and highly-trained psychiatrists are available round the clock in the campus. 

The main aim of the student counsellors is to support the students at all times. The in-house counsellors counsel the students in case if the students are under depression, demotivated and help them to come out of it.

Food Court

The students have the choice to choose from multi-cuisine meals ranging from Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean foods. The food court has some of the best food eateries like Café Coffee Day, KFC, McDonald's, Subway, etc. The students can have wide food options to choose from.

24/7 Surveillance and Security

The whole campus is fitted with CCTV cameras that are monitored in real-time for any suspicious activities.  The high-resolution CCTV cameras are capable of capturing the minutest details throughout the campus.

The round-the-clock security personnel ensures the safety and security of the students all the time. The high-raised walls of the campus ensure the safety and security of the students across the campus at all times.

Why Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre?

  • The main motto of Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is to train the students according to the ethos and fundamental principles of the nursing profession
  • The aim of the MBBS course in Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is to equip the students with all the knowledge, skills, attributes and equip them to face the challenges of the real world
  • The MBBS degree at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre provides the students with lifelong learning and working opportunities and a strong focus on nursing leadership. 
  • The MBBS course at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre will help the students to gain valuable theoretical knowledge along with the practical experience. 
  • The limited intake at the Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre ensures that individual attention and equal support is given such that they can get the best out of the programme.  
  • The Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has state-in art simulation technology and interactive laboratories to mimic the real-world hospital scenarios for the students.  
  • The research-oriented pedagogy in the nursing practice gives the students new insights into the promotion of healthy living and treatment of chronic medical conditions. 
  • The students of Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre will have many opportunities to put theory into practice in clinical settings
  • The Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has partnered with different hospitals, agencies and community-based organisations to provide the students with a better experience of working in multiple disciplines and environments and help them to determine the right area to focus in the field of nursing.  
  • The innovative approach to the MBBS students at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre helps the students to dive deeper and discover the strength, spirit and compassion required to patients with unparalleled care and affection. 
  • The students can experience a unique blend of theory and practice for learning the Nursing theories along with the training modules on excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • The students of Akash will get variety of clinical experiences such as community health, hospital and long-term care for all the nursing students
  • Exploration of the contemporary issues around health promotion, maintenance, advocacy and care
  • The enthusiastic and experienced professors are internationally acclaimed researchers, bringing the teaching sessions to life by sharing their love for learning. They have excellent industry experience and tons of practical exposure in the real medical world


The MBBS degree is one the most popular professional degrees by the majority of students. There is a large demand for specialized doctors across the globe. The MBBS degree from Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is aligned with the latest developments and trends of the medical world, that gives the students a real-time experience from the peers of medical world.

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